Everest DF-2017 AHD 1.3 Megapixel Starlight Metal Bullet Security Camera

Kod produktu 22027

Kod kreskowy: 8680096036279

It is a great product, with outstanding features that go out for maximum security. Color camcorder CMOS technology reveals quality with features such as clear image up to 30 meters distance, 960P, 1.3 Megapixel color camera AHD technology and Auto entry. The DF-2017 has Starlight designed for clear day and night images. Even at night, you will get a clear picture like daytime. With its ergonomic and stylish design, the DF-2017 is perfect for your safety. Through to AHD (Analog, HD) technology, you can record quality images and easily optimize your analog security system.

  Provides a maximum quality image of up to 30 meters. Through to the 8mm Starlight, you get clear images even at night.  

It is a unique camera that holds many features together. The color registration system through to the color stabilizer is at the level of maximum sharpness. There are infrared technology and Starlight so that you can get the clarity like the daytime even at night.   

Your home and workplace are safe with DF-2017. Do not stay behind your eyes.