Everest DLK-3100U Black USB Q Multimedia Keyboard

Artikelnummer 5581

Barcode: 8697671435532

Everest DLK-3100U Multimedia Keyboard; Great finesse is designed to be ultra-slim. DLK-3100Uwith more reasonable price as compare to other keyboards from same class. By its durable construction and reliability are always one step ahead of its competitors.

Everest DLK-3100U Multimedia Keyboard; Quality of Laser printing keys letter provides the maximum amount of time to permanent and long lasting use!In this way, don't care about those letter and number keys which are use frequently. You will enjoy the use of DLK-3100U keyboard.

Everest DLK-3100U Multimedia Keyboard; Designed comfortable and shiny with small size, Everest DLK-3100U has slim structure and convenient.

Everest DLK-3100U Multimedia Keyboard; Its allows you to deal with your process quickly and easily through the 8 multimedia key. Scroll through the available page, change tracks, volume on and off, enjoy the use of multimedia keys that allows you to easily process!

Everest DLK-3100U Multimedia Keyboard; Plug and Play feature, You can use easily without requiring any installation.